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This page is dedicated to Bill Eskew.  Contact Finesse if you have something you'd like to share.
bill chair at the field 

Who was Bill Eskew to Denny Schlimgen

I am quite certain that my perspective of Bill Eskew is very different than that
Of anyone else in the Finesse program.  I will list a few bullet points of our relationship.
•    The enemy, the archrival, the one our parents loved to hate.
•    My main competition to winning and developing my program.
•    A man who was hard to beat when recruiting players.
•    A man who had credibility with college coaches.
•    A man with a wealth of softball knowledge.
•    A man very supportive of “his players”.
•    One who made a difficult (for him) transition to join the “enemy”.
•    One who quickly became just as supportive of Finesse players.
•    A valuable part of Finesse softball.
•    A clever, witty, part of the Finesse “brain trust”.
•    The source of many of the great Finesse “stories”.
•    A person who loved Finesse and all his Finesse friends.
•    An antagonist who turned into a friend.
•    It will be hard not seeing his chair & straw hat where ever Finesse is.

Most people in the program don’t know that Bill was “Daddy Big Bucks”
to Finesse parents in our early days (28 years ago).  Bill was the sponsor of Mid America who dominated Michigan softball in those days (late 80’s).  We all know how we dislike those we have a hard time beating.  That was Finesse until we started to hold our own, playing Mid America pretty even.
A series of events brought Barry Patterson to join me with Finesse in 1991.
Tommy Walker and Bill Martin soon joined Barry and we expanded to more teams.  There was a lot more that happened, but Barry suggested we bring Bill Eskew
Into Finesse.  While this was a shocking thought at 1st, I also saw the value of Bill’s knowledge, recruiting ability and connections to college coaches and scholarships.
Not all people in the program were fond of my decision, but as we stand here today, I don’t believe anyone could call it a bad choice.

We are all going to miss Bill’s “words of wisdom” and his quips during competition.  But Donny, Bill Martin, Tommy and all Finesse family will continue to
relive the Eskew stories for years to come.

I won’t attempt to tell any here as Donny and others no doubt will tell a few.
There are two favorites that come up at virtually every event I attend.  One involves a coffee cup with a smile.  The other has to do with Bill Eskew’s choice of hotel wardrobe (have fun with that Donny).

I am sorry I cannot be there to help pay tribute to my friend Bill, but he certainly has many others there to do so.  
Hello to all in the Finesse family.  I plan on being in Canton for the Compuware event (hopefully everyday).  I also am planning on joining the 18U in Georgia in July.

I wish you all a great season, be it high school, summer or college.

I’m can picture Bill arriving at the gates of heaven and telling St Pete,  “hurry up and let me in, I’m here to do something wonderful”!

All My best
Eskew ASA HOF Stadium
bill at mich
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