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Amanda Chidester
US National Team

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Amy Gee 12U Gee Head Coach
Angie Shifflett CFO
Bill Flores 12U Flores Head Coach
Brain Rex 18U Bressler Manager
Brian Giroux 12U Giroux Head Coach
Brian May (Ohio) 14U May Head Coach
Brian Skiba 12u Skiba Head Coach
Dale Carson 23U Carson Manager
Dan Bressler 14U Bressler Manager
Don Dreher 16U Dreher/Lesko & Dreher/Kunkel Manager 248-842-0217
Greg Blevins 18U Blevins Manager
Greg Cruthers Webmaster 810-444-2006
Heather Davis 10U Davis Manager
Jamie Terry (Ohio) 18U Blackswamp Manager
Jason Rolak 18U Rolak Head Coach
Joe Moore 14U Moore Manager
Jordan Munoz (Ohio) 10U Munoz Head Coach
Karla Hoverman (Ohio) 12U Hoverman Manager
Karlene Kilburn 16U Kilburn Manager
Michael Miller (Ohio) 16u Miller Head Coach

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