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Finesse & Total Performance

Softball coaches are looking for strong, fast and explosive athletes. Finesse coaches understand this and have set up a training program at Total Performance once a week during the winter to introduce you to the benefits of a quality training program. They also understand that once a week doesn't deliver maximum results, so they have provided options for additional individualized training to give you the best opportunity to excel.

Our proven training programs will help you:

  • Run Faster - Beat out ground balls
  • Increase Bat Speed
  • Hit Harder & Farther
  • Reduce the Risk of Injuries
  • Prepare for What College Softball Will Be Like
  • In addition to training once a week with Finesse,

Here are the other recommended options:

Individual Training

  • 1 Session per week, 8 weeks - $160 (regular $240)
  • 2 Sessions per week, 8 weeks - $290 (regular $480)

Year Round Training

  • Unlimited Training - $95 per month (12 months)
“One of the biggest problems I’ve dealt with over the years with incoming freshman is having their overall level of fitness being greatly below what is needed to make an immediate impact. Their softball coaches consistently let me know that they need the athletes in better shape when they arrive. It’s almost fortunate that softball is a spring sport, so that the athletes can get in months of consistent training before the season begins. However, high school softball players wanting to play at the next level would greatly benefit by not waiting till they are in college to participate in a professionally implemented training program like the ones offered at Total Performance Training Center.”

Nick Wilson BSCSCS
University of Detroit Mercy
Asst. Strength & Conditioning Coach

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